Friday, 7 April 2017

Muslims in India. Problem or Progress?

कभी कभी मेरे दिल में ख़याल आता है
पता नहीं  बार बार ये सवाल आता है।
कयूं है दुनिया में शोर ऐसा
कयूं न दीखता किसीको भोर ऐसा ।
कयूं है हम आपस में दूर इतना
देखो है हम्मे नफरत कितना।
I feel so much distance in between Muslims and Sanatan Dharm mostly called Hindus.
I need to know Why??? I know everyone needs to know why?
We are living together. Muslims contribute 14% of country Population. Nearly 60-80% of their population live in poverty.
So I pointed out some questions related to their community.

1. Why Muslims don't feel themselves as Indian?
2. Why they cannot accept the rituals of any other religions.?
3. How healthy relationship they had with other religions in India and outside India.?
4. What they really need ?

1.. Why Muslims don't feel themselves as Indian?

Reason of making such questions is based on whatever I saw once during cricket match B/w India & Pakistan. Cheers for Pakistan in Muslim colony raises so many doubt on them.
I felt such things so many times personally in Delhi in my hometown near Ayodhya, we had oppose and tried to convince some Muslims that they are doing wrong. They should support our nation and nation is first. Some of them were not interested to listen your views some pretend them to understand us but really they do not.
I feel disappointed every time I saw such things.

2.. Why they cannot accept the rituals of any other religions.?

Main problem is they are not happy with as Bharatiya they feel safogated if I greet them by saying Jai Shri Ram.
Whereas I don't have such problem when they greet us by saying "Salam al e Gum"
Not with only Hindus they have problem when with Christens and other.
One more thing they are not aware of reality or you can say they cannot choose in between right or wrong. They choose what their Molivi told them.
Most of the molvies and preachers in Muslim community are illiterate but they are able to misguid Educated Muslim in the name of Allah or in the fear of community abolition.

3..How healthy relationship they had with other religions in India and outside India.?
In India they pretend to live as Indian but they prefer their community first then nation. This is a reason that they don't have healthy relation with any other religions in all over the world.
Rise of feud on the basis of religion in France Germany Australia US too.

4.. What they really need?

They need education then employment. It's  means most of them wasted their money in wrong way due to lack of proper education.
Their madarsa should run properly and education must spread equally in males and females.
Education is only way by which they will be able choose B/w right and wrong.

I had feel Muslims are two types one is really Soooo Good and Other is soo Bad.
Mandir Majjid is matter of understanding not for riots. Be in peace.
Thanks for reading.
Your comments are valuable.

Samved Singh Vishen

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